Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A little love for my earrings

Last week I spent a few days in the {801} and visited DI a few times. I found some great spoils! One of which was an empty picture frame painted gold and white with no back or glass for 50 cents. It was pretty ugly.

I saw potential.

Originally I thought I wanted to paint it black and hang it empty in my new cedar city living room to give some character to a picture frame collage, but that idea is a little overdone for my taste.
On a late night trip to Walmart, (one of my favorite Ashley past times) I saw some lace that I couldn't live without.

Then the light bulb clicked on...

I love the result!

Painted it "Celery", tried out the glazing technique, starched the lace and hot glued it to the back, threw on the earrings. Total cost: under $5

I'm a fan.

In case you aren't into lace: my ShaNeil friend stores her earring in ice cube trays. One pair per slot, and they stack up neatly in a drawer. Yeah, I though that was a fantastic idea too!

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  1. This is your Erin friend :) Your blog continuously makes me smile and laugh and I love reading it!!!!!!