Thursday, March 3, 2011

Old McDonald

...he had a farm.

(I know you are fond of photos taken of craft projects placed atop my fancy white chest freezer...)

Now I do too! Well at least the animals...

I made some hand puppets from the tutorial I found at Just Another Day in Paradise. I'm so glad I stumbled upon that gem of creativity!

I'm pretty excited for Oliver to get a little bit older so we can play with them together.

I'm also pretty excited that they are finished. They were rough! Lots of pieces to keep track of...lots of felt hunting (I didn't have a huge stash so it took some time to collect it all...but don't worry, I have a stash now.) Lots of unpicking due to the lack of speed control on my spiffy new sewing machine (it was pretty cheap...definitely better than nothing though!)

My favorite part was when I ran out of bobbin thread almost at the end of a particularly difficult section and had to rewind the bobbin for a measly six inches of thread to finish. This happened three times actually. It was quite comical. (I kid.)

I might have sworn at the whole project a few times.

The important thing is that they are done, I love them now, and Oliver may just love them in the future.

This little project was a little more expensive because I couldn't buy the felt one sheet at a only option was the 4 dollar multi color pack at took a couple of those. I also had to buy more bobbins for all the different colors of thread I needed. All in all it came out to just under ten dollars and about 3 weeks for the whole thing. The rest of the supplies I begged or borrowed from my crafty Bree friend. Thanks a bunch Lady!

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  1. Della, they turned out so cute! It's okay for you to play with them until Oliver is old enough. :)