Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taggie Crinkle Square

Oliver has a thing for when I found this tutorial I decided I had to make it.

I used a piece of noisy plastic that was just going to be thrown into the garbage with the rest of the empty wipes package. That makes the noise. The rest was somewhat expensive because I'm sort of new to the crafting scene and didn't have a supply of ribbons or flannel. 

I had originally intended to do some sort of applique as well, but decided that I wasn't interested in putting forth that much effort at the time.

I think Ollie likes it.

Felt Flowers

Last month I made two different kinds of felt flowers:

This one:

tutorial here

Made from felt and a pin that I had on to me!
and This Dahlia for my Valentines:

tutorial here (I used hot glue to save me a BUNCH of time.)

This made for expensive valentines between the pins ($2) the felt ($4) and the buttons ($5) but they only came out to about 75 cents each. This is actually great considering that I found a shop on etsy selling the same thing (which is dishonest because the pattern is owned by someone else) for $14 yeah, I think saved some money there.

I slapped a brooch pin on the back and now they hang out on my cardigan or coat.

Ruffle T-Shirt

A few months ago I found this ruffle t shirt tutorial at Tea Rose Home. I instantly had to have it...but it took me a few months to get around to making it. Right After Oliver was born, I went shopping and found that Down East was clearing out some of their wonder tees and they were only five dollars. However, I found that when I bought two, they took two dollars off, making them four dollars a piece. I decided to make one for me and one for my sister's birthday gift. This made for a total of three shirts (two for the shirt and one for all the pieces). All in all I spent $12 dollars. That's six dollars per finished shirt. This pleases me.
I usually throw a cardigan over it and feel pretty much adorable for the rest of the day.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jesse's Quilt

Jesse likes to keep things....even shirts that are two sizes too small. So I stole those shirts and turned them into a quilt. It is very simple, but I don't care. We both like it. It took me a year and $15 to make. I'm so glad it is finished. I doubt that I will make quilting a regular habit. It was not my favorite activity.


When I was pregnant with Ollie I was into crafting and mustaches. So I made a mustache craft....It is displayed in the form of a mustache bouquet in my living room. I recently made more for Valentine's Day and passed them out to the men I know. They were a hit...we love them as photo props.  They are made from black felt and wooden dowels. I did not spend more than $3 to make them.

Gone Fishing

I made this fishing set by following a free tutorial provided by "Just Another Day in Paradise." I am planning to make a bag to store them out of a fishing net looking material, but I haven't found the right net type fabric to make it from. I'm keeping my eyes open. This will be an Ollie gift when he's older. This cost under five dollars to make. My favorite part is the Velcro on the eyes and the fish hook so you really can "catch" fish.

Memory Game

Jessica at "Just Enough Style" created this matching game for her daughter and was kind enough to share the tutorial. I made one to save and give to Oliver for a birthday or holiday in the future. I LOVE it.

There are two of each shape. Made of felt with a backing of scrap fabric from Jesse's quilt.

I love the bag that I made...It is a simple one but I made it without a pattern...which is a testament to the improvement of my sewing skills.

I made this game from materials that I had leftover from previous crafting endeavors. It was free to me.

Bird Mobile

I made this birdie mobile for the nursery last year. I followed the tutorial using felt, yarn, fabric scraps (for wings), and embroidery hoop, and ribbon. It was super easy and every time I see it I remember how much I love it. I believe that an accurate estimation of the cost of this mobile would be just under $10 dollars.

Idea from "Little Birdie Secrets" blog.
A blog to remember my crafting adventures.