Sunday, February 20, 2011

Felt Flowers

Last month I made two different kinds of felt flowers:

This one:

tutorial here

Made from felt and a pin that I had on to me!
and This Dahlia for my Valentines:

tutorial here (I used hot glue to save me a BUNCH of time.)

This made for expensive valentines between the pins ($2) the felt ($4) and the buttons ($5) but they only came out to about 75 cents each. This is actually great considering that I found a shop on etsy selling the same thing (which is dishonest because the pattern is owned by someone else) for $14 yeah, I think saved some money there.

I slapped a brooch pin on the back and now they hang out on my cardigan or coat.

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  1. I love the dahlia flower! So fun! I really need to make me one of those. :)