Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Silhouette Throw Pillows

Get this!

My silhouette pillows are done! And I love them....even though Jesse has a big head complex and my silhouette looks like an old lady. The best part is that they were SUPER inexpensive!

You want to see them?

I know the bed still looks a little drab, but I've got three more pillows in mind to liven it up a little.

So whats the method and how much did they cost me?

Well now,  I started by taking pictures of our profiles, cropping them to the right size, printing, tracing and cutting them out. Add a little chin definition for Jesse and an upper lip for me and Voila! Silhouettes.

The cream fabric? Yeah, those are my old worn out sheets...tea dyed to disguise the dingy. That probably cost me 3 dollars upfront (cost of the box of tea bags) but I certainly didn't use it up so I have plenty for tea dying in the future. So when you get to the nitty gritty, I only spent fifty cents or less.

The border? I had to buy a roll of freezer paper and Kent's was my only option (that was expensive)...that made it seven dollars up front. But as with the tea, I have a TON left over, so I don't really figure that into the equation.  I borrowed some black paint and that was that. For the amount that I actually used, I spent less that seventy five cents.

I used three dollars worth of poly fill for the stuffing, and the back of the pillow was made with one dollars worth of this pretty black damask fabric.

That's about $5.25 for two pillows...two pillows that I LOVE!

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