Monday, June 6, 2011

Dry Spell

The fact of the matter is that I haven't done a whole lot of crafting lately...

First I was moving, and then I had moved but I was busy...and everytime I sat down to think about decorating my home, a quiet little voice told me to let it be for a while and find something else to do.  Now that I'm moving to idaho in two months I'm glad I didn't waste much time.

Really, all I've done since March was create a mobile from some fancy paper I purchased at the scrapbook expo, and take some adventures in book binding. OH! And Martha (Martha Stewarts Baking Handbook) and I spent some time baking in the kitchen...I've checked that book out from the library three times and counting!

My books:

I wish to make many more, but I don't have anything to fill them with...

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  1. You should share with your good friend Annie how to make these. I promise she won't mind.